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Volunteer FAQ

How much do I get paid?.....This is probably the biggest asked question. Since this is a new venture and there is not a ton of capital, compensation is set at tier levels based upon how many hours you work at the haunt. That being said this is still more of a volunteer situation. Plus some people would pay us to be allowed to scare people HAHA  

Do I have to have previous haunting experience?....The second most common question NO YOU DO NOT have to have previous experience. If you have worked at a haunt before awesome-sauce!! If not dont worry we will mold you into the ultimate haunt scar-ER!! GOOD TRAINING VIDEO

Do I need to bring anything with me to be a haunter? Can I?....NO you dont not need to bring anything with you to be a haunter. However if you have something that you want to use or let the haunt borrow we welcome any and all things. 

What hours and days will the haunted hayride be open?....The hayride will officially open Sept. 28th 2018 and run until Oct. 28th 2018. EVERY FRI SAT SUN during that time frame. We will be open to the public from

7pm-11pm but staff will need to be there NO LATER than 6:30pm. 

Do I have to work every night it is open?....No we hope you will want to be there every night but we know people have lives outside of scaring people HAHA

I am under the age of 18 can I still be a haunter?....YES you can but you will have to have your parents or legal guardian sign a waiver for you to haunt. 

What job will I do there?....That is a hard one to answer. Once we meet and have an initial interview and we find out with your strengths and weakness are we can make a better determination what job would fit you best. Dont worry there is no "small role" every person is important to make this the best haunted hayride in town!

Are there other jobs besides being a haunter?....YES we do need someone to help take tickets and help load guest on and off the hayride. We will also have a few people to help run and resupply haunters if needed. So yes there are plenty of jobs besides being a scar-ER.